Customer Programs

WingPoints® Reward Program

Unlike other rewards programs, the WingPoints Rewards Card allows you to reward your customers with things they actually want, and can use right away. They can choose a gift card from our online card mall, where you will find a wide selection of big name retailers and popular restaurants. They can also select a pre-paid debit card acceptable at thousands of locations or even donate your points to charity. The point is, WingPoints gives them more choices and freedom to reward themselves. Just another reason to trust in the wings of Phillips 66® Aviation whenever you fly. For more information, please visit


2016 Phillips 66-Branded Aviation Cooperative Fund Program Qualifying Items for Reimbursement

Aviation Uniform Program

Uniforms create a professional image at your FBO. They show pilots and other customers that everyone is on the same team and ready to provide great service. We have selected Cintas, a leader in uniforms to make sure our Phillips 66 branded dealers have ready access to affordable, great looking uniforms.

After you review the catalogue, price list and measuring instructions, an order form is provided to summarize your order for communication directly to Cintas via phone or fax. You can download files of all these materials for printing as needed below.

Cintas - The Uniform People